Skiers Choice has identified a potential problem with the 2013 Moomba swivel wakeboard rack. The issue is the depth of the detent for the plunger pin when the rack is locked in the“outside” position. If the plunger pin does not seat deep enough, the rack could swing into the cockpit while underway. The illustration below shows the acceptable gap at the shoulder of the plunger pin and swivel base.
We strongly recommend all customers with 2013 Moomba swivel racks be contacted and the gap checked for correct fit of the plunger pin. If a rack is found to be out of specification, please submit a warranty claim to Skier’s Choice for replacement parts(s) (SC Part #113498 Port Swivel Switch and/or #113499 Stbd Swivel Switch) and 20 minutes/ rack labor reimbursement (found in flat rate menu). Parts will be drop shipped directly from the vendor. Labor will be paid through the warranty claim.