The V2 Tower is offered as an option on the LSV and the XLV models.    The V2 package includes a built-in collapsible bimini top, and fixed board racks.  Swivel  board racks are now an option also, as of February, 2011.  

Skier’s Choice purchases this tower  from  Xtreme Tower Products, the same company that supplies all of the other Moomba towers.     XTP bought out Metcalf who used to build a similar tower for another manufacturer in our industry.   Since XTP purchased Metcalf, they have made several improvements in this tower design.  Several dealers have asked us if there are any differences in the previous tower, and the current tower.    

Here are the highlights of some of the improvements under XTP: 

1- Castings made by different foundry/ different process – New casting process improves the grain structure of the metal.   This improved on selected weak spots from the old foundry.

2 - Improved welding process – New welding process improves strength of welds to the cast material. 

3 -Added cross-member between bow header and aft tow hoop – Finite Element Analysis and pull testing showed a weak-point in the aft tow hoop.  This new cross-member eliminates the weak point of the old tower.

4- Improved fit and function of bases – New backing plate and spring mechanisms.  New adapter plate allows flexibility to mount to non-flat surface. 

5 - New T-handles to improve removal of pins.  Locking tabs on pins prevent pins from vibrating loose and falling out.

6 - Casting thickness increased in high stress areas – Finite Element Analysis and pull testing showed high stress areas in the old tower design.   Thicker casting improves strength in those areas. 

7 - Solid plug welded into casting vent hole – Another specific welding process to improve strength of welds to cast material.